Day 4

In Uncategorized on September 5, 2010 at 3:32 am

I’m not feeling all bloggy bloggerson right now. I did take a 25 minute walk today though, so I’ll log it here.

I love that the weather is great, so a lot of these days will be walking or walk/jogging once Scott is home more to watch the kiddos for me 🙂 Oh and hopefully I will have a few “kayaking” entries because we bought a kayak yesterday! woot! I’ve really wanted one since ummmm let see 12 years ago when I worked in a little outdoor store for a summer in college. I almost splurged on one that summer but didn’t since I didn’t live by a body of water ha 🙂 Once the weather turns frigid I will probably be doing more things inside like “jillian” and “pilates video.”  It would be sweet to add in a few things like “cross country skiing,”  “snow shoeing,” or “broomball.”  But lets be realistic here, non of those are available to me at this point in life.

OK, so maybe I did feel a bit bloggy bloggerson.

Day4 -25 minutes of walking.

  1. You go girl. You are doin it! Some days it’ll take a lot to get motivated. That’s cool you got a kayak!

  2. Bloggy bloggerson, hahahahaha 😀 Love that word!

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