Day 15

In Uncategorized on September 16, 2010 at 3:29 am

I was unable to do the 2nd segment of my new Yoga dvd today because of a certain baby walking of with a remote, and it is to be found nowhere!  So I did the first segment again. I realize I didn’t say too much about it yesterday, but it was really good! I enjoyed and really did feel like it was great for stretching out my neck and shoulders. In the beginning she has you relax and think about where there is tension. For me it was my left shoulder and neck.  She said “it will be gone after this short segment” and it WAS! So, I think it’s good!  There seriously are some muscles being stretched in here, that I don’t think have ever been stretched before! This video has 3 different 20 minute segments on it, so I’m excited to try the other two as soon as we find that remote!

Day 15 – 20 minutes walking (and running home with all three kids and dog, to get out of the rain!), and 20 minutes of Yoga!

10:16 pm


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