Day 17

In Uncategorized on September 18, 2010 at 4:07 am

Hey guys! I really like this. It’s becoming a part of who I am and not a drudgery!  You know I hate exercising when it’s a jumpy dancy video that I keep putting off then finally do it when the kids are in bed, but I love exercising when it’s hiking, kayaking,  running on a nature trail,  or even running my horse full speed through the woods! BUT, those things,  am not able to do daily, and so the last few years exercise has just become something to dread. But, I can proudly say (what!? It’s only been 17  freakin days???) that I am beginning to really like it. OK so maybe part of the reason is that I got my first comment today. My husband said “I can tell you are losing weight.” Really? From 20 minutes a day?? yay! haha

I never meant to make this journey about “losing weight.” Of course I’d love to lose a few lb that have accumulated over the last… oh 12 years. But for me, this is about discipline and what it can add to my life. I’m excited tonight, can you tell?  Even in 17 days I can see a difference, not necessarily in my body but in my spirit, thoughts,  emotions and attitude toward exercise in general.  You know, I feel like being so disciplined about it also is helping in my eating too. I’m not as tempted to eat those sweets or whatever it is I shouldn’t be eating.  I’m not being cocky either, just excited that this is really happening to me. 🙂

Today I tried the 2nd Yoga routine, and it was great. It wasn’t as helpful to me because I really need the shoulders and neck stretching, and this one was lower back. but it was good and I could feel that my whole body was really being stretched. So I got a flop pilates video but the yoga is good. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try the 3rd routine.

I still feel pretty icky, and time was sort of limited today ( I got to go out with Jamie!) so I did my yoga after the kids were in bed tonight.

Day 17 – 20 minutes of yoga


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