Day 21- Three Weeks Baby!

In Uncategorized on September 22, 2010 at 3:44 am

Edit: Ok this is really weird guys. Yesterday Scott handed me a shirt with a stain down the front of it, and told me he thought it was caterpillar guts (joking). Well when I wrote this post I wrote THREE times “caterpillar” when i mean to write “grasshopper.” So I just now changed it! Am I going nuts?

Today I went  for a walk with the dog and the baby it the stroller (extra calories burned for pushing a stroller!) haha. I didn’t feel like it was as uplifting of a walk, but I still did it and it was fun to have little Noble with me. It’s definitely grasshopper season. I caught a grasshopper so Noble could see it.  He tried to grab it and it jumped away. I love when I get to experience something new with one of my kids; even something as simple as a grasshopper jump.

Dang, I just can’t kick this cough!

Day 21 -30 minute walk (uphill with a baby and dog! haha)

  1. Wish I could walk with you guys! Missing ya 🙂

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