Day 34

In Uncategorized on October 5, 2010 at 3:15 am

Until now I haven’t had time to post anything except my exercise. Aren’t you all so proud of me for keeping it up?? Even on days of 12 hour road trips???  I really have only been able to do the minimum but I am so glad that I am keeping it up! It’s been so good for me to have this commitment.

Today we arrived at a time share with my in-laws. So today I walked on the path that goes around the pool, around and around and around… then when I went to go SWIM in that pool tonight, it was closed , booooo!

It’s ok, because I will go see my dear friend Erika tomorrow, and  then I will come back and swim in that pool! I can’t wait to see Erika. We have made plans to be ALONE and it will be grand! I haven’t seen her for four years!!!

I think tomorrow I may take advantage of the great amenities here and find the exercise room! There should be one on this huge resort, no?

Day 34 -30 minutes walking


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