Day 55

In Uncategorized on October 27, 2010 at 4:21 am

I went for another jog in the woods. We have this little trail that goes back by the river and under the bridges.  I love it, it’s my new favorite place. Call me adventurous, but I even climbed up on the underside of the bridges. I think Shayla thought I was crazy!  This spot would make an amazing photo shoot place.  The other day I posted on FB a threadless T-shirt, and said something like “This may sound ridiculous to you, but this shirt almost makes me want to cry, it’s so me.”  I’ll see if I can get the link on here for you all. (you know all of my two readers  😉 ) Seriously guys, I’ve always been this way.  When  I was 10 I had a secret place I’d go in the woods. When I was 16 I loved to run alone on the cross country ski trails. When I had a broken heart, I’d go outside by the river to cry… anyways so my heart is peaceful and at rest outside, this is why I have been loving running in the woods. I also had this idea today, and am so proud of myself for thinking of it. I need to get myself some snow shoes!!! AND, I will do it! I have some birthday money unspent, so I”ll let you know when I decide which lovelies to buy.  Makes me actually a bit excited to exercise outside this winter!


Here is the link to the shirt.


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