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Day 78

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Every once in awhile it sort of hits me like REALLY? 78 days??? It’s cool. I’m feeling kind of feisty tonight… There’s only a few people who know what happens then!  Watch out for this girl.

Anyway… I went for a walk tonight in the DARK, yeah that’s why it was so short.

Walk – 20 mintues!


Day 77 New Graffiti

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I went in my woods with the dog, but did not jog, because my stomach was not feeling the best. I love these woods. And honestly compared to some amazing woods I’ve lived in and near in the past (Nicolet National forest, the woods and mountains of MT, foothills of the Appalachians) they aren’t too cool.  But, I think it’s mostly because they are mine, they feel like mine anyway, and there’s the plus of having the river right there too. But I really like the trail, even the bridges and graffiti. Today there was some new graffiti today, unless I just hadn’t noticed it before.

Day 76

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Chiropractic stretches …25 mintues

Day 75

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Yoda, I mean Yoga.

Day 74 -HELP-

In Exercise on November 15, 2010 at 2:22 am

I haven’t been blogging all too faithfully, but don’t worry I still have been exercising faithfully!  I need your help. I love the discipline of exercising every day, even if it’s only 20 – 30 minutes a day. I love that I have done this, to be quite honest. The discipline aspect of it is really good for me… now I need to add practicing my guitar everyday 🙂 But, I will say that it’s gotten a bit monotonous. I love mostly when I can get outside, as you all know. I fear snow is around the corner, and I won’t be outside quite as much. I will still get out some, but probably not as often seeing as how half of the time when I get outside to exercise it’s with children, and that is harder on really cold days.    I AM going to be buying snowshoes soon, so that as soon as we have some of that lovely white covering, I can get out there. And I am sooo excited for this. I’ve only been snowshoeing a few times, but I loved it! So, here is where YOU come in. I need your help in brain storming more exercise options… and they can’t be too expensive. So please, if you read this, comment and tell me your ideas, I need them desperately. Then when I’ve taken all the ideas in, I will do a post about it and my goals.  I know you all secretly do read here, but just don’t comment right?;) suuuuurrrreeee whatever. Please you every single one, comment 🙂 I will even comment back to you, if  you return to check! I promise.

Day 74 – walky with the doggy (oh and the baby too)

Day 73

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jog with dog 🙂

Day 72

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Chiropractic stretches

Day 71

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It’s really hard to believe these last few days have been a part of our Wisconsin November!  It’s been so gorgeous and I feel so grateful. I took the kids down to the woods and walked and climbed on rocks. Story really had fun exploring. the walking counts for me today 🙂 We had fun, and actually I think I got more exercise playing on the park with them afterwards.

Day 71 – Walking with the kids -25 minutes.

Day 70

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Chiropractic stretches while I watch tv 🙂 ha

Day 69

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I went for a jog tonight, it was almost too dark to jog in the woods, so it was quick 🙂 I stretched and walked the dog too… and it counts. 🙂

jog- 25 mintues