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Day 121

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Wow. Tonight I went out for a walk with the dog. What a cool night. It feels like Spring! The wind is weird, and the snow is half gone. The clouds were amazing. There were all these really low white puffy clouds, that were moving so fast, and I could catch glimpses of the gorgeous stars beyond them.

I really had hoped that the neighbors had put up their creepy Santas but no such luck. Maybe after new years.  I mean really, anyone who puts up a life size Santa, is crazy about Christmas, and is going to leave it up until New Years at least! Right?


Day 120

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120 sort of seems like another milestone…  yay! 🙂

OK folks, be watching for some changes here in January! I think on the 1st I’ll do a big post about this new month (notice I didn’t say new year?). I’m not promising to do it all year, just til Sept 1st remember, when I turn 33!

I’m getting a date with my hubby tonight! A rarity, thanks G&G.

In other good news, I think we are booking our cabin for Storyhill fest this summer, something we’ve always wanted to do! Thanks Grandma for that Christmas money ;).

Day 120 – yoga

Day 119

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Day 118

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Ok so I know I don’t need to make any excuses, I’m really proud of exercising for 118 days in a row!. . . But I have been sick, and had company for a week, and had sick kids… so if I fit in some yoga at the end of the day, I count it as a success! 🙂

Day 118: yoga

Day 117

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Walked with Shayla.

Day 116

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Sitting here trying to think of something interesting to say… nope.


Day 115

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Doggies need walked even on Christmas Eve. I just can’t wait until my two neighbors take down their freaky Santas!!!

Day 114

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Ok guys, I know I need to vamp it up, this is getting boring right??? Well it’s getting boring for me too. Although I have to say, I have really enjoyed my yoga!! I have. really. But I really feel like I need to get back into some hardcore workouts. January, here I come!

Day 114: yoga!

Day 113

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I took the dog for a long walk, and it was icy! Her and I both almost fell a few times! I never expected to encounter black ice on the sidewalk!

Day 112

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I did yoga tonight.  The yoga video I have has 3 different workouts. It’s mostly for back health. I usually do upper back, shoulders and neck, because that’s where I get the most sore and tense. But I decided to one called “de-stress” today. I think I’ll do that one every other time, because I like it! It made me realize that my legs are tighter than I thought, lets get them legs loose!  tee hee.