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Day 135

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Day 132

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I did Billy Blanks Basic Training, boot camp workout again today. It would have been a perfect day for snowshoeing! darn!

Day 131

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I’ve always liked Billy Blanks Taibo. Is that a word? Hmm… but anyway. So a friend borrowed me her videos and I decided today that this week  is Billy blanks week! I did one of the video’s today and loved it!

Day 130

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Today was a yoga day. Hubby did it with me, yay 🙂

Day 129

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ok guys. Today was going to be the day that I started week two of kick it up a notch January. I was going to do a pilates video for five days this week. but… it turns out I tried 3 different videos and hate them all. so I am going to wait a few days since there are 3 extra days (past 4 weeks) in January. Today I got my workout in between the 3 videos haha 😉 I think I might try to order the windsor pilates I used to have because I LOVED that one! Any suggestions?

Day 128

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This day ends my 1st week of January switch up. I did Shred again, level 3. I forced myself as sore as I was, and I’m still soo sore!

Day 127

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Jillian’s 30 day shred, level3!! I decided to go for level 3 and just do it the easy way… Let’s just say it’s far from easy, and I have some very sore legs and buns today!!

Day 126

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Today is my other non video day, so yeah that means Jillian the next 3!

I walked with Shayla, even tromped through the snow in the field! and then did some stretching…

Day 125

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Ok so I’m allowing today to be one of my two non video days, and I’m going to do my chiropractic stretches instead of the yoga video.WHAT?? There is nothing wrong with me doing that, so that I can watch the bachelor while I do it! I know, I’m a dork.

Day 124

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Jillian Micheals 30 day shred