Day 161

In Uncategorized on February 9, 2011 at 2:42 am

Ok so obviously I skipped a slew of days there… but don’t fret, I did NOT skip exercising just blogging! So here is the deal. We cut off our home internet soooo, it’s really hard for me to blog at all. I think I will update you on what I did for january and what my focus is for February.

January I tried to do a different video each week, do try out some new videos and give them a chance. I ended up doing Jillian’s 30 day Shred for a week, Tai bo for a week, pilates for a week, and ummm yoga for a week :)… So there you have it (with a bit of snowshoeing in there).

February I plan to sort of start focusing on this concept… restorative exercise. However since I do not have much internet access these days, this will be slow going but I am really so excited to start working on this. My friend Steph reccommended this, and said it has changed her life!  So while I attempt to watch the webinars and read up on her stuff… I will still be doing my videos 🙂 I’ll update here and there, but know this… I have not given up, I’m still going.

I was able to go snowshoeing in Hixon Forest the other day with a freind, and it was so great. It’s gorgeous in there! And it’s always nice to have fun company too.

  1. Good job! It’s good to change it up with different videos too. I like tai bo as well as kickboxing!

  2. keep it up gorgeous!!! never heard of restorative excersise. i’ll have to look that up:-)

  3. I love that you are snowshoeing (did I spell that right?)…that’s something that I could never do down here and it sounds/looks like it would be a really good work out!

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